Past and Future Events

Past Events…

Pray 4 Gaza, 23rd November 2012

350 local people turned up outside Nelson library to protest against the brutal attack on Gaza in November 2012.  This mass show of support was a catalyst to the upcoming council meeting which officially twinned Palestine and Beit Leed.

Pendle hosted two international volunteers

PPTG hosted two visitors, Noor from Palestine and Sabrina from France. The girls held presentations at the ACE centre in Nelson, where they met the mayor Asjad Mahmood, who subsequently became the President of PPTG (the current mayor, Smith Benson, has followed in his footsteps and is now the current President).  They guests also hosted an evening at The Red Triangle cafe in Burnley.   On her return to Palestine, Noor visited Beit Leed, and she has continued to blog about the twinning since she returned home.  Great work Noor 🙂 Please take a look at her excellent blog here!  


5 Broken Cameras

In a sell out event, PPTG hosted a film event for the award winning documentary 5 Broken Cameras.  This event opened the topic of Palestine to many people who knew little about it.  At the same event, Amer Asmar, a visitor from Palestine gave a presentation and held a Q&A session.  Again, this gave the people of Pendle to ask a someone who has experience the Occupation first hand what life is really like in Palestine.

5bc 5 5 broken cameras ace 1

The Ma’an Student Visit 

One of our largest events ot date, PPTG joined with CADFA to arrange the visit of 12 Palestinian students to Pendle.  On their arrival at Coldwell Activity center, hey were partnered with 12 British students. The aim of the student visit was for the Palestinian students to share their experience growing up in Palestine and to find out what young people is like in a variety of different centers in Pendle.  These included voluntary services such as SafeSpace, The Princes Trust, The Zone and Marsden Heights school.  They also visited community radio, St Thomas’ Church Barrowford.  Some also went to Manchester to look at the universities, and experience what life is like for British students.   But most of all, one of the biggest aspects of the trip was for the students to get to know one another.  Lifelong memories were made and strong friendships were formed. PPTG were kindly supported by variouslocal organisation, included Market St Chippy, who donated  a meal for all the volunteers!  The students also went down to London for a week, where they spent time at SOAS and learnt more about student twinnings.  To learn more about the visit click here. 

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SAM_0081 SAM_0072

Demo against Louise Ellman MP

Louise Ellman, a prominent member of Labour Friends of Israel, was invited to Colne to give the Silverman memorial lecture.  PPTF requested that this invitation be withdraw.  However, this request was sadly declined.  PPTG therefore held a demo outside the hall in protest of the Labour party giving a platform to a support of Israel.

Songs of Solidarity CD Project, Christmas 2013

“In August 2013, I was stood to a on a protest in the Burnley rain, listening to a protest song.  It provoked a memory of being sat around a campfire listing to Palestinian visitors singing earlier in the year.  I had an idea – why not organise somce local singers to come together and make a CD for the the Pendle Palestine Twinning Group to raise funds, have fun, and spread the word about the Occupation.

This project could not have gone anywhere without the support of Janet Swan and the commitment of Janet Russel.  The Clarion Choir started pracitcing earnestly in October.  I also visited Singing for the Soul, an inter-faith choir, who were very interested in the twinning group.  Many supported the project as they had sung with women from a refuge camp in Bethlehem.

So many people have enthusiastically given their time and talents – and voluntarily!  For this I am very grateful.  Hopefully the CD will be ready for launch in mid- January.  I also hope that members of the interfaith choir can take a copy to the ladies of Bethlemen refuge camp for their next visit in the end of January.”



PPTG stall during May day celebrations at Towenley Hall Burnley

A great day was had by all and the PPTG stall successfully raised over £100 for funding future events. take a look at smiling faces below….

PPtg stall at Towneley hall

David Rovics at Jim’s Cafe

In April over 50 people attended and enjoyed an evening of acoustic music and political song with the amazing U.S. singer songwriter David Rovics at Jim’s cafe Colne.  This also included an appearance by the fabulous Clarion Choir. Th event was a sell-out, raising over £400 and most importantly raising the profile of the Palestinian cause.  It was also the launch of our new logo (thanks to Peter Rigg).  A massive thanks to Suzanne and Patricia for hosting David’s  stay in this beautiful part of the north.  Please see the Press section for more information about this event.

Richard Macsween, our Chair David at Jim Skafe David with our new logo


Up and coming events…

Upcoming visit to Pendle:

Building on the successful visit from Palestinian volunteers to Pendle earlier in June 2013, we are welcoming two more volunteers to Pendle.  The two female volunteers, Wa’ad, from Palestine and Safia who is French Algerian, will be arriving on 20th January 2013.  The purpose of the visit is for them to meet local people and to develop further links  opening doors between Palestine and Pendle. The young women are currently are part of a well established and internationally recognized European volunteer program with Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association based in London.

It’s yet another exciting opportunity for the people of Pendle to meet and talk first hand with  people who can bring personal experiences about their lives and the  impact of the Israeli occupation on their homeland and their families.

Upcoming Pendle visit to Palestine

In Autumn 2014 a group of people from Pendle are planning to visit Palestine.  This will be a tailor made tour for local people from Pendle/East Lancashire who are interested in learning more about the Israeli Occupation, by meeting Palestinians who are experiencing it on a daily basis.  The trip will not be an easy one, but it will be eye opening and life changing.

Are you interested in coming on the trip?

The trip will be for around 10-12 days and will include a visit to Beit Leed, as well as the Wall, a refugee camp, and some of the major towns in the West Bank. At this stage we cannot give the precise dates or cost (it is likely to be around £700 per person but will partly depend on the size of the group).
Dates and prices and still to be finalised, but if you are at all interested, please contact us as soon as possible! Doing so does not commit you to coming at this stage but it will help us see how much interest there is. In particular we would not want you to be put off by the cost: while each person will be responsible for paying their way, we will be able to give advice on fundraising activities that might help you.


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