About Us

The Pendle Palestine Twinning Group is formed of passionate volunteers who are determined to bring together the communities of Pendle and Palestine.   We aim to do this by:

  • Developing our links with our twin Beit Leed
  • Developing cross cultural exchanges with different community groups
  • Holding cultural events
  • Fundraising

The Pendle Palestine Twinning Group was formed in 2007 when a group of people in the Pendle area, concerned about the treatment of the Palestinian people, agreed to form a twinning arrangement with the town of Beit Leed in Palestine, in order to generate friendship and understanding between the two. This process was set to motion in October 2007 when three Palestinian visitors, including the Mayor of Beit Leed, came to Pendle. There was a return visit to Palestine the following spring, and since then there have been several trips in both directions.

These visits are paid for by the individuals concerned or the PPTG. Whenever these visits happen, the PPTG makes sure that our guests meet as many people in Pendle as possible, with at least one event to which the general public is invited. We try to generate as much publicity and press coverage as we can round such visits, believing that an informed public is vital in helping to achieve a just solution to the problems facing the Palestinian people.

In December 2012 Pendle Borough Council took steps to formalise the relationship between the two towns. The council is unable to provide financial help for the twinning with Beit Leed.  However, we are funded through the kind donations of local people, as well as through fundraising events that we hold as often as we can.  All administrative work involved is carried out by the PPTG.


President: The Mayor of Pendle Borough Council

Chair: Richard MacSween

Vice-Chair: Sue Roscow, Gary Boyle

Minutes Secretary: Yvonne Bolton

Treasurer: David Penney  

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